Monthly Archives: April 2016

    This week at Kinder Buddies Daycare we had the children creating their own stuffed animals through Build-a-Bear.   Kids love their stuffed animals so of course you want to keep them looking good for as long as possible. We have listed some ways to store, clean,... Continue Reading

  Last Friday Kinder Buddies Oakville Daycare had the children out on a rainy day to hang out in the always sunny town Kids Play Town.  With their new found independence from their day at “Kids Play Town” here are some ways your kids can help with your errands: &... Continue Reading

To children Mothers are superheros that can do anything. One of my favourite activities with my mother was learning to bake. I always had fun, and my mother made sure it was a learning experience. (Math and Science!) For mothers day kids want to spend time with their Moms and usu... Continue Reading