Dealing with Unwanted Behaviour

Jan 27, 2017

behaviour, children, toddlerKinder Buddies Oakville Child Care always promotes a positive environment for children to play and grow. Even the best children can develop bad habits or have a bad day. Today we discuss tactics for dealing with unwanted behaviour in small children.

Unwanted behaviour can include:

  • Tantrums
  • Craving Attention/Interrupting
  • Aggression
  • Throwing
  • Screaming

Prepare in Advance


If the unwanted behaviour seems to happen more in public try to figure out why. Is your child hungry? Tired? Before heading out try to have them ready to go out. Bring along snacks and toys if it will be a long day, be ready to soothe your child.

Lead by Example


It is important to remember that children learn the most from us. We cannot tell them they cannot get what they want by yelling/throwing/interrupting if we react the same way. Remain calm, get on their level and look them in the eyes and calmly explain why what they are doing is wrong. If they are in the throes of a tantrum wait until the tantrum is over; sometimes just standing by them as they cry out their frustration is what they need.

Leading by example means all of the time, not just when you’re child is misbehaving. Make sure you are respectful with everyone in front of your child. Avoid raising your voice or reacting physically when frustrated. Try not to interupt others, and if you do apologize for interrupting.

Be Consistent


If at home you are completely control at home but find yourself unexpectedly bartering with your child in public your child is learning your boundaries. Children feel safest with consistency in knowing you are in control. Children will learn that this bad behaviour will always result in the same response eventually stopping the bad behaviour. If you reward the bad behaviour some times or in certain circumstances but punish in others, children may not understand why they are being punished.

Set Boundaries in Advance


Set up your child for success by making sure they know what is acceptable in advance. While throwing and screaming are mostly unacceptable there are times where it can be ok. If your child enjoys throwing things invest in soft balls and play catch, let them know that these toys can be thrown. Don’t want throwing inside? Take them outside to play catch.

Screaming is another unwanted behaviour but can be moved to “outdoor voice” and “indoor voice”. Show them that screaming when playing outside is OK, but not inside. When yelling happens inside try speaking quieter so they have to lower their voice to hear you.

By knowing the rules in advance you are helping your child succeed for the future.

Halton Region Resources


If you need more resources or are looking for some direct one on one help the Halton Region has a few options available.




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