Bullet Journal Ideas for Families

Mar 24, 2017

bulletjournalBullet Journals are becoming increasingly popular, but what is a Bullet Journal? Agendas are great for a portable calendar but rarely have enough pages or space for any other notes you may need. Bullet Journals are becoming more and more popular for their flexibility to be anything that you need, a one stop everything you will ever need notebook. We at Kinder Buddies Daycare have some tips and ideas to get your Family Bullet Journal started!



Bullet Journals


Bullet Journals involve using any notebook and developing it into the portable 1 stop hub for your life; all your notes and info in one place. If you have a blank notebook kicking around you can use that, no need to go shopping.

If you need to buy a new journal for your Family Bullet Journal here are some options to consider:

  • Is it portable? Bullet Journals work best when you can keep it with you all the time. Does the journal fit in your purse/book bag/baby bag?
  • Lined Paper/Graph Paper/Blank Paper Are you really into making tables? If you are they will be easier to make with graph paper. If you prefer to make doodles or drawings, blank paper may be best. If you aren’t really sure plain lined paper is very versatile.
  • Where to Buy Nice journals are easy to find from the Dollar Store to Book Stores.



Stressing again how flexible the Bullet Journal is you can be as creative or as straight forward as you like. Below are some items you may want to use to improve the organisation of your journal.

  • Sticky notes – Sticky notes allow you to make templates and replace the note box whenever you want! Colours and sizes depend on what you are thinking of doing.
  • Different Coloured Pens – Coloured pens make organisation easier
  • Small Ruler – Make it easier to create tables or sub sections
  • Pencil Case – Carry your accessories with you. Even a pouch big enough to hold your journal and your notes/pens/ruler puts everything together in one place.


Starting your Journal


Starting your Journal can be a daunting task, we have a few pages every journal should have to begin with. First start with numbering your pages- you can start number the first 20 or so pages and then just number as you start a new page.

  • Front Page –  If you are artsy you can be super creative with your front page, pictures of your family, inspirational quotes, ect
  • Index – Leave two or three pages to keep track of what page is what. Include the Page Number(s) and the item. Leave some space between the page numbers and the item name in case you end up needing an extra page down the road
    Example: Pg 1-10, 22-23 ……….Dinner Ideas


Bullet Journal Ideas for Families


The real fun of a bullet journal is all the different pages and themes you can add. Pick and choose from some of the page ideas below to get your journal started. While our ideas are a great start, there can be many other pages to add that are unique to your family.

  • Emergency Contacts – Near the front you will want to keep emergency numbers around. If you’re worried a number might be changing often (different baby sitters ect) use post it notes so you can keep the page and replace numbers and contact info as needed.
  • Calendars – Not all agendas work for all families, some need an agenda with hours listed, some need just the days in small squares, some need a larger square for more detail. For more ideas on how to create your calendar visit Gurl.com
  • Meal Plans/Grocery Lists – Keep track of your families favourite meals and your grocery list in your Bullet Journal. Use sticky notes creatively to change your plans week after week while keeping a page saved. Sublime Reflection gives a great tutorial on staying organised on meal planning.
  • Family Night Ideas – Create a list of all your families favourite activities, no more drawn out brainstorming sessions, everything is right there ready to go. Need some ideas for family night? Check out our post on Family Time Ideas.
  • Chore Chart – If you have some weekly/monthly chores for your family you can organise your chores by who has to do it or how often the chore is done (Weekly/Daily/Monthly)
  • Movies/Books – Keep track of your and your kids favourite books and movies. Make a favourites list and a to watch/read list!
  • Finances – Track monthly bills (due dates), daily expenditures, keep track of receipts, or create a savings goal. Apartment Therapy Finances Layout
  • Seasonal To Do – Keep a list of fun seasonal activities. (Ex: Ice Skating in the Winter/Swimming in the Summer/Pumpkin Patch in the Fall/Picnic in the Spring)
  • Health Tracker – Keep track of illnesses in your family (Track the symptoms and the date) or make sure medication is being taken on time every day. On the other hand if you are trying to get your family more interested in physical activity track your active days or activities you can do together.
  • Birthday Log – Never miss another birthday with a full list of everyones birthdays.
  • Plan Trips – Keep track of important trip information (Rental info/Hotels/Important Contacts) also create a Packing list!
  • Gift Lists – If someone mentions that want something, right it down. Make Birthdays and Holidays so much less stressful.
  • Gratitude – Bring a little positivity to your journal with a list of things you’re grateful for! Try writing down one thing a day for a month.
  • Quotes –  If a quote or lyrics sticks with you and inspires you, write it down!
  • Kid Milestones – Don’t have time to scrapbook an entire baby book? Keep track of your little ones big Milestones on it’s own page.
  • Restaurant Ideas – Great for families with allergies, keep track of chains that are allergy free!


For more ideas on pages and how to set up your layouts check out these links!




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