Managing Allergies in Kids

May 19, 2017

kidsallergiesWe at Kinder Buddies understand the severity and importance of Children with allergies and possible allergens. Children can be allergic to foods/animals/plants literally anything. Today we will talk about how to look for possible allergies and how to deal with the most common allergies day to day.


Finding Allergies


When children are young everything is new to them so almost anything can be an allergy. One of the biggest indicators for possible allergies is if mom or dad has allergies. While mom or dad having certain allergies is not a guarantee baby will get it, there is a high possibility.


If either parent has a severe allergy definitely talk to your childs doctor about options to screen for severe or life threatening allergies. Allergy tests are not the most fun experience for your child, but could prevent severe reactions in the future.


If you think you child may be having a severe allergic reaction make sure to call for an ambulance at once.  Learn more about what signs to look for in advance for severe anaphylaxis on Food Allergy Canada.



Common Allergies

  1. Dust
  2. Pollen
  3. Medication
  4. Insect Bites/Stings
  5. Latex
  6. Animal Dander
  7. Eggs
  8. Dairy / Soy
  9. Mustard
  10. Peanuts / Tree Nuts
  11. Seafood
  12. Sesame / Wheat

Pollen Allergies


Sneezing/Coughing/Runny Nose around spring and fall can all be reactions to pollen or better known as “hay fever”. While it is always important to bring up medical solutions with your doctor there are other ways to avoid unwanted allergies. Always check out the Oakville Pollen Forecast and try to stay indoors on high pollen days. If you do go outside try to give your child a bath as soon as they get home to get rid of any pollen.


Animal/Dust Allergies


Animal allergies are usually due to skin danders rather than the fur. Same as for Dust allergies you will want to keep your home meticulously clean. Vacuum and sweep daily, invest in air purifiers for bedrooms. Keep pets outside of bedrooms, outdoors most of the time if possible.


Food Allergies


Talk to your doctor before introducing highly allergic foods (like the ones mentioned above) to your child. Look for signs of a rash, intestinal distress, or diarrhoea. Research appropriate restaurants before heading out. Keep allergy free snacks on you at all times to avoid buying on the go.  Consider downloading an Application for AllergiesSome phone apps can help you find allergy friendly restaurants nearby, scan grocery items for allergens, and provide substitutions.


Important notes:

  • Some allergies or sensitivities can be grown out of as your child ages.
  • Epi-Pens used for severe anaphylaxis allergic reactions expire. Make sure your child’s Epi-Pen is always up to date.





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