Sensory Toys for Kids: Fidget Toys

Jun 2, 2017

fidgettoysThe latest craze to hit the school yard is unavoidable: Fidget Spinners. While the craze is new, the idea behind the toys is not. Today we will talk about the reasoning behind fidget toys, and all the different types of fidget toys available.


Understanding Fidget Toys


The first thing to understand is that fidget toys are not new, fidget toys have been used for years as “sensory” toys for children with learning disabilities. Fidget toys can be ideal for children with: ADHD/Anxiety/Autism.


Studies have shown that children with ADHD who fidget (leg shaking/playing with pencil/chewing on a pencil)  improve attention to tasks. For children with Autism there is an issue of sensory overload ; fidget toys help children quietly focus on the toy in a non distracting way. Children with Anxiety will struggle with an overload of thoughts; fidgeting can help soothe them by giving them something else to focus on rather than their thoughts.


Common Signs of Natural Fidgeting


The key to sensory toys is that they provide some sort of stimulus through touch, different textures, or sound. If you’re wondering if a fidget toy might help your child it’s always best to talk to the doctor first; while Fidget Toys may help some children there are many other options to help children concentrate like Behavioural Therapy or Medication.

Some common signs of natural fidgeting are:

  • Chewing (Pencils/Toys/Jewellery)
  • Leg Shaking
  • Playing with Hands
  • Tapping (Pens/Fingers on Desks)
  • Shredding (Paper/Napkins)
  • Biting fingernails


Types of Fidget/Sensory Toys


There are many different types of Fidget toys, what may work for some children won’t work for others. Some toys, like a fidget spinner, may actually be distracting to some children. It’s important to find a toy that works for your child, try different toys with different textures, lights, or tactile responses (pressing buttons/switches). We have created a list of different types of fidget toys.


While Fidget toys like Spinners will eventually fade away like all fads, it’s important to remember to some kids they are tools not just toys!





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