Avoiding Ticks in Halton

Jun 30, 2017

ticksinhaltonUnfortunately this year ticks have been out in full force in Halton. While being a general nuisance, the specific Black Legged Tick is known to carry and transfer Lyme Disease.  We at Kinder Buddies know how important it is for little ones to adventure outside, instead of being afraid of the outdoors we will go over ways to avoid ticks.

What are Ticks?


Ticks are small parasites that live off of the blood of other mammals. Ticks will bury into the skin, sometimes transferring diseases like Lyme Disease in the process. Ticks range in different colours and most are the size of a sesame seed but can grow to the size of raisins when engorged. While not all ticks carry disease it is important to exercise caution when removing and handling any Tick.


Tick Prevention

  • Ticks love humid and moist areas – this is especially important due to our non-stop rain fall this year! While forests, streams, ponds, and bogs are a natural home for Ticks, they can also be at your local park or even your back yard.
  • Avoid showing skin – Wear long sleeve shirts and pants tucked into socks. Make sure you wear proper shoes that cover your feet.
  • Wear Light Coloured Clothing – Ticks are typically dark brown and by wearing light coloured clothing they are easier to see.

Once you get Home

  • Wash Your Clothes – Throw your clothing in the Washer when you get home and then in the dryer on High Heat for at least 60 min.
  • Take a Shower – Showers can remove any ticks that have not burrowed in yet.


Checking for Ticks

  • It’s important to check yourself or even have a second pair of eyes
  • Check your: Scalp/Ankles/Knees/Armpits/Groin/Navel/Behind the Ears
  • If you have pets out with you it is important to check them as well!
  • Always check your pets: Under the Collar/Under Front Legs/Elbows/Under Tail/Groin/Between toes

Removing Ticks

  • If you find a tick it is important to remove it right away.
  • Follow instructions on Tick Removal: How to Remove Ticks
  • Do not use home remedies, it’s important to remove the tick as quickly as possible without distressing it.
  • If you cannot remove a tick yourself visit your GP or local Walk In clinic as soon as possible.
  • When you remove the tick yourself place the tick in a plastic baggie and bring it to your doctor so it can be tested.

Lyme Disease Symptoms


Lyme disease will typically show symptoms that can be misconstrued for other illnesses. Symptoms can show up from 3 days to 1 month after being bitten by an affected tick. Not everyone will have the same symptoms. If you show any symptoms you are concerned may have been caused by a tick please go to your local GP.


Common Symptoms are:

  • Circular Red Rash
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Headache/Stiff Neck
  • Fever/Chills
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Muscle/Joint Pain
  • Spasms/Numbness/Tingling




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