Pool Safety for Kids

Jul 28, 2017





It’s hot out and there is no better way to spend the summer days than out at the pool, be it in your backyard or at your community pool. We at Kinder Buddies always put safety first  and would love to go over some Pool Safety rules and tips to keep your family safe this summer!


Sun Safety


When the sun is out it always makes sense to put some sunscreen on, but it is even more important when out in or by the water! The reflection from the water can cause more severe burns as well as bring on burns faster. Even when it is cloudy out it is still important to lather up in some spf, the sun rays can be magnified through the clouds and give you a burn!

  • Apply a water proof sunscreen 30 minutes before you head out, give the sunscreen some time to sink in.
  • When you are swimming it is important to reapply your sunscreen every hour
  • Check the expiry date: Sunscreen can go bad and be less effective if it is left in the heat or becomes expired.
  • Avoid Aerosol Sunscreen: Aerosol Sunscreens can apply uneven and as well can be inhaled by small children very easily.

Learn more details about Sunscreen for every activity and choosing a sunscreen on our blog post about Sun Safety!


Pool Deck


If you have a pool in your backyard it’s important to make sure your pool is completely safe for your kids.

  • Never leave a child unattended in or around the pool
  • No rough housing near the pool ledge
  • No running around the pool, everyone must walk to avoid slipping
  • Make sure all pool drains are covered and all equipment is working properly
  • Learn CPR for both kids and adults
  • Next to the pool deck always have some safety supplies: a first aid kit, a working phone, and something that floats to assist



Experts suggest children from ages 4 onward should begin to learn how to swim. Swimming lessons are a great investment in safety if your family lives anywhere near water, be it a lake or a pool. Swimming lessons are available at most community centres with pools. You can find Swimming Lessons in Oakville on the Oakville website.

  • Again, never leave a child unattended in or around the pool no matter how confident they are in their abilities.
  • Teach children to stay away from pool drains and other pool equipment.
  • If your child is not a confident swimmer make sure they wear a well fitted life jacket, even with a lifeguard or adult with them.
  • Always completely remove the pool cover when people are swimming
  • Know the depth of the pool! Make sure there is no diving in the shallow end.


Pool Toys


Pool toys are a lot of fun, but when not used properly can become a safety issue. Make sure to follow these rules to keep your family safe!

  • Do not leave children unattended, especially if they are using a floating device in case it flips over.
  • Only use designated pool toys, just because it can be inflated doesn’t mean it belongs in the water.
  • Make sure pool toys don’t clutter the edge of the pool, make sure no one can slip on the toys!
  • Mermaid tails are all the rage and are great pool toys, but are very dangerous as they restrict your childs legs. Make sure Mermaid tails are only used in the shallow end with an adult nearby in the pool.
  • Make sure all pool toys are in working condition, throw out any noodles that are falling apart or inflatable toys with holes.




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