New Canadian Food Guide

Sep 8, 2017

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At Kinder Buddies we know that growing children need nutritious food and a balanced diet for them to grow big and strong! While there may be a lot of arguing over what constitutes and balanced diet, many people look to the Canadian Food Guide for guidance. The current Food Guide was created ten years ago in 2007, which in our world of fast science and technology is almost a life time! Luckily the government is almost ready to release a new Food Guide in early 2018! Today we will go over some possible changes to look forward to in the new document.



Sugar vs Fat


While earlier versions of the Food Guide focused heavily on the reduction of fats under the assumption they were harmful; it is now known that certain fats like unsaturated fats are a great part of a healthy diet. The guide will also take aim at sugar, which has recently been revealed at the real danger causing obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cavities in children. The Guide will support water as the drink of choice over soft drinks and juice, also possible restrictions on marketing of high sugar products aimed at kids.


More Vegetables


While the new guide will not be eliminating meat, there will be a bigger emphasis on vegetables and vegetable based proteins. There is increased pressure for whole grain over more processed foods as well. While vegetables are great for our bodies, vegetables have a better effect on the environment than meat! The new guide will also take environmental impact into account.


Re-framing Dairy


A shocking move that some are predicting is the removal of the dairy food group. While in current drafts the Dairy Food group is missing that does not mean the final draft will not include any dairy. Instead there may be a movement to include dairy in other groupings such as protein. Milk was, at one point, an essential source of calcium and vitamin D; but currently there are many other milk alternatives and vitamin enriched foods making milk just not as necessary as it once was.


Influencing Food Habits


The new guide will also provide tips on food preparation, how to select nutritious foods when eating out, and encouraging sharing meals with friends and families. It’s well known that choosing healthy foods is only half the battle, creating nutritious meals is another. Even more daunting is the task of having nutritious meals after leaving your home!


Real World Influence


The new food Guide will not only be a suggestion in your home, it will help reshape menus in daycares/schools/hospitals.


Make your Voice Heard


While the new Food Guide is arriving soon the Canadian Government is still taking public opinion into consideration! Be a part of the changes by joining the forum here: Food Guide Consultation





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