Avoiding Cold and Flu

Oct 6, 2017


While it’s still pretty warm in Oakville the leaves are changing and the nights are cold! Fall is coming in and winter is soon to follow which means it will also be flu season soon! Today we at Kinder Buddies Oakville Child Care will go over some steps your family can take to avoid the Flu this season.






Knowing Symptoms


Check out the Ontario Governments guide on recognising the Flu versus a Common Cold.


Children at Risk


While many people who get the flu will have no complications there are groups of people who can have huge complications from the flu. Babies under 6 months are too young to get the flu shot, but if mom gets vaccinated during pregnancy should be covered.


Children under 5 years are more susceptible to complications after getting the flu. Their bodies and immune systems are still developing making the flu harder to overcome. Children under 5 also have smaller airways making them easier to be blocked by mucous.


Flu Vaccine


While catching the flu may not mean much to many of us healthy adults, the flu was be dangerous for children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system. Some healthy adults can carry the flu virus and transfer it without showing symptoms! This makes it very important for everyone to get their yearly flu vaccine.


To find the closest clinic to receive a Flu Shot please visit this map provided by the Ontario Government: Find a Clinic


Wash Hands Frequently


It’s important your family washes their hands frequently for at least 15 seconds with soap and water. Cleaning your hands when you get home from outside and before eating are the easiest habits to form. Children love routine and constant reminders will turn into long term habits!


Avoid Touching your Face


It’s near impossible to stop children from touching their faces, but this could be a key to avoiding the flu! Most viruses are transferred to our bodies through our eyes, nose, or mouth.


Disinfect Everything


Make sure that many every day items, especially items you use outside or share with others, are disinfected often. A recent study found that strollers were the number one germiest item in the house! While many doctors are against cleaning agents that kill 99% of germs (too clean), a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar is a great natural disinfectant. Fill a spray bottle and use it to wipe down your frequently used items.


For your childs most used toys check out our blog post on Keeping Kids Toys Clean.


 Stay Home when Sick


Even though you or your child may only have a cold, going out into the public not only risks spreading your cold, but also contracting the flu! When you are sick your immune system is compromised and it’s so much easier to contract something worse. Whenever you or your child stay home and rest, the more rest you give your body the faster you will recover.


Practice Healthy Habits


A general, and obvious, suggestion for avoiding the flu is maintaining a consistent healthy lifestyle in order to keep your immune system up and running. A healthy lifestyle would include: a balanced diet (veggies and fruit), extra vitamins (if necessary), exercise, and keeping stress low.


Looking for ways to get your picky eaters to eat more healthy? Check out our post about Healthy Snacks for Kids.



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