School Fundraiser Tips

Nov 3, 2017

fundraisingtipsWe at Kinder Buddies are so excited to continue this year with our Terra Cotta Treat fundraiser! We understand that sometimes fundraisers can seem like another chore, but we want to go over some tips to make your fundraising experience fun for you and your little one!


Have a Goal


At the beginning of the fundraiser set a realistic goal for your family to work towards. A good idea when making a goal is basing it off of previous years, maybe opt to sell 5 more this year? If it’s your first year try and be more conservative, sell what you can and if you go over your set goal use that information for next year!


Create a Calling List


We love tables and lists, it makes everything so much easier to keep track of; which is why we recommend making a calling list. Put down their name (even if it’s a place like “Mom’s Work”) and check off once those people have been approached. To avoid being pushy or forgetting someone you can make sure you ask everyone and then cross them off so you don’t forget!


Show AND Tell


Make sure when you are selling that you have a pamphlet with pictures of the product. People are much more likely to buy when they can see exactly what they are buying. On the go and can’t take the booklet everywhere? Take pictures of the Brochure and keep it on your phone for easy access!


Be Genuine


The best way to sell is to avoid sounding pushy and just being honest! We at Kinder Buddies will be selling Terra Cotta Cookies, recommend your favourite treat!  If you are honest people will trust you more and that could mean more sales in the future! Even if they end up saying no, a polite and genuine


Have your Pitch Ready


Write out what you would like to say and make a quick Q and A for any questions you may get. Have a basic pitch about the product, what makes it special, what it is for, and then the cost. The biggest stress of selling is the initial pitch, when you have a basic idea the nervousness goes away!


Go Online


While it’s easy to pop down an order form at the office or call family for support, it’s important to get leads from different places. E-mail friends or make a post on your private Facebook profile, you may reach some people that you wouldn’t have thought to ask personally! Keep in mind it’s also easy to ignore a post or delete an e-mail so it is still a good idea to get in personal contact with your go to people!


Avoid IOU’s


Try and take the money right away. With the popularity of e-transfer along with checks/cash it’s easier then ever to make sure you get payment right away. People can pay you back later, but that creates a mess a few weeks down. Collect cash right away to avoid chasing people.



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