There’s no denying technology is an absolute staple in our homes, from tablets, laptops, tvs, and phones it’s impossible to avoid screens. Today we at Kinder Buddies want to talk about ways to introduce technology to pre-schoolers so that they form a healthy re... Continue Reading

      It’s hot out and there is no better way to spend the summer days than out at the pool, be it in your backyard or at your community pool. We at Kinder Buddies always put safety first  and would love to go over some Pool Safety rules and tips to keep your... Continue Reading

It’s hot out but that is a great excuse to indulge in fun frozen treats! Today we at Kinder Buddies will list some cool recipes we have found for frozen treats you can make at home! Looking for more of a healthy snack, we have a a post about fun and healthy snacks too! &nbs... Continue Reading

Unfortunately this year ticks have been out in full force in Halton. While being a general nuisance, the specific Black Legged Tick is known to carry and transfer Lyme Disease.  We at Kinder Buddies know how important it is for little ones to adventure outside, instead of being a... Continue Reading

    With Father’s Day happening this weekend a great way to spend time together is on a hike! We are very lucky to live in the GTA with many different hiking trails to choose from! Today we at Kinder Buddies Child Care will talk about popular hiking trails in the ... Continue Reading

The latest craze to hit the school yard is unavoidable: Fidget Spinners. While the craze is new, the idea behind the toys is not. Today we will talk about the reasoning behind fidget toys, and all the different types of fidget toys available.   Understanding Fidget Toys &nbs... Continue Reading

We at Kinder Buddies understand the severity and importance of Children with allergies and possible allergens. Children can be allergic to foods/animals/plants literally anything. Today we will talk about how to look for possible allergies and how to deal with the most common all... Continue Reading

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Join us for Tea   Being a parent can be hard, we at Kinder Buddies Oakville Daycare know how hard our parents work for their kids. While it can be difficult to find time to wind down it is important to take some time for yourself! In honour of our dedicated mothers Kinder Bu... Continue Reading

It’s now almost May and the GTA is getting greener! While the sun is out more it’s time to get your gardening gloves on, so why not garden with your kids? Today Kinder Buddies Oakville will go over how to get started creating a garden you and your children can enjoy. ... Continue Reading

 Spring has finally sprung in the GTA and we at Kinder Buddies Child care Oakville are so excited to head outside!  While some days are warmer than others, the sun is out and it’s a great time for a spring walk or hike.   Today we have created a fun printable work shee... Continue Reading