Reading with your Child       Reading with your child is the first activity you can share with your child regardless of their development stage. Reading ... Continue Reading

    This week at Kinder Buddies Daycare we had the children creating their own stuffed animals through Build-a-Bear.   Kids love their stuffed animals so of course you want to keep them looking good for as long as possible. We have listed some ways to store, clean,... Continue Reading

  Last Friday Kinder Buddies Oakville Daycare had the children out on a rainy day to hang out in the always sunny town Kids Play Town.  With their new found independence from their day at “Kids Play Town” here are some ways your kids can help with your errands: &... Continue Reading

To children Mothers are superheros that can do anything. One of my favourite activities with my mother was learning to bake. I always had fun, and my mother made sure it was a learning experience. (Math and Science!) For mothers day kids want to spend time with their Moms and usu... Continue Reading

                        Eating Healthy – Fun Snacks for Little Ones   At Kinder Buddies Oakville Daycare we always make sure our little ones are eating nutritious meals! While we all understand that nutritious... Continue Reading

                            This week we at Kinder Buddies Oakville daycare had the pleasure of having some animals over at the daycare for the children to learn about and play with. We had: Rabbit, Chinchilla,... Continue Reading

  Kinder Buddies Oakville daycare wishes all of our Families a fun Family Day Weekend 2016. A long weekend is always nice, and this one has a focus on the family. What better way to spend Family Day then with the whole family? While it is nice to stay home, it may be fun ins... Continue Reading

Magician, Magic

This week Kinder Buddies Oakville Daycare had a magical friend visit. A visit from a magician is always a “magical” thing. While even every day things can be new and magical for children, as adults it is easy to be skeptical. While things like math and science can be taught any a... Continue Reading

Fun Activities for the Snow!   Now that weather has finally hit Oakville with some snow it’s time to really enjoy Winter. Kinder Buddies Oakville daycare has assembled a list of five awesome outdoor activities for you to enjoy with your little ones. Snow Castles –  Bre... Continue Reading

It’s a new year and this is the time when many people re-organize their lives and create new routines and schedules. Kinder Buddies Oakville daycare understands the need for a schedule and we have some tips to get back in the swing of things. Having a family schedule benefi... Continue Reading