Fun in the Jungle


Available Activities



Kinder Buddies aims to provide an enriching educational experience for all of our little ones. Below are some of the amazing activities we offer at our Daycare.


little critters yoga ages 2 1/2 – 5 1/2 years . class duration: 30 minutes


You’re never too young for yoga! Yoga’s many benefits include improved concentration, self confidence, reduced aggressiveness and motor skill development. This child-friendly introduction to yoga teaches balance, meditation and body basics through interactive games, story-telling, dance, and drama.

jungle tunes ages 18 months – 5 1/2 years . class duration: 30 minutes


Music is a language we can all understand! This program focuses on having fun with music while teaching basic music skills and developing musicality, rhythm, and a sense of pitch. With listening and imitation activities, hands-on learning with rhythm instruments, and movement and song, Jungle Tunes is a symphony of fun!

parlez-vous francais?ages 2 1/2 – 5 1/2 years . class duration: 30 minutes


Canada’s second official language made fun and easy to learn! This interactive introduction to the French language uses fun, age-appropriate games and activities to help teach simple words and phrases. From numbers and the alphabet to the days of the week, our program teaches the basics with a focus on fun!

fun fingers sign language ages 18 months – 5 1/2 years . class duration: 30 minutes


Sign Language is a “handy” way to communicate! This interactive program focuses on engaging the children with fun songs, activities, and games that help them learn American Sign Language basics. Research has shown that children who sign tend to have greater word retention, earlier verbal skills, higher IQs, and a greater ability to focus in a school environment. But most of all, it’s a great way to encourage children to express themselves!

safari zumba ages 18 months – 5 1/2 years. class duration:30 minutes


An upbeat introduction to music and movement with tropical music and lively Latin rhythms to make every child active and get kids moving and grooving! With fun and energetic dancing, children can express themselves while learning interesting tidbits about Spanish and Latin culture. Ole!

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